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CASPER Crosswalk

CASPER Crosswalk


A new tool from the bollard box to help with pedestrian safety ....

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Delineators > Steel-Flex.


Steel-Flex delineator posts are the toughest in their class and are extremely easy to install. 

Made from specially tempered steel, galvanised and polyester powder coated, the Steel-Flex is designed to out last other solutions. Being made from steel it is tough. It will not shatter or enbrittle. It will not be affected by UV, cold or heat. 

Easy Installation
The product only requires one person to install as no digging or boring is required. The Posts can be driveable in all road shoulders. There are debth markers to show how far to enter the earth and removal holes so that the product can be removed at any time. This product can be powder coated in any colour you prefer with high visability stripe.


  • Most Durable Post Available
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Returns to vertical every time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heat Resistant +80°
  • Cold Resistant -60°
  • Will last many years longer than plastic or fibreglass composite
  • Can be impacted both ways
  • Will not fade or discolour
  • Recyclable
  • Ground Retention Barb
  • Will not dislodge on Impact
  • Fire resistant
  • Huge cost savings

Having made initial installations in Canada, Steel Flex has established itself as a reliable and robust delineator in harsh weather conditions. Impacts and "wing overs" are absorbed with ease as the Steel Flex is designed and engineered to be resilient and resistant to this kind of punishment.

From temperate climates to the worst weather conditions that can be experienced on this continent, Steel Flex is designed to provide optimum performance and savings to the end user.